Introducing I Gadget View


Customer’s play a vital role in today’s marketing world. Customer satisfaction is very important for the success of the product and the growth of a company. Say, I want to buy a computer and order online. Now the first question that arises in my mind is: Is this site a scam? Can I pay for this product online? Is it trust worthy? What if, they do not deliver the product? Whether this model is good or it is going to be a scrap within six months? How about the battery backup? Clarity of picture is good or not? What about the sound quality? Now, how to answer these questions? Company’s customer chat may be one support that might give you positive review of the company. But, can I really rely on this one opinion. No, I would like to have many latest reviews so, that I am rest assured about buying or not buying the product. That is why Gadget reviews are very important.


“Gadget reviews “are the reviews given by the consumers, who have already purchased the goods and express their opinion in the concerned product website. Different consumers have different opinion about the product.

  • By reading the latest reviews a customer, who wants to buy the same product will get the clear picture about the pros and cons of the product. It will help him to make better purchase.
  • Customer reviews are not only helpful to the buyers, but also to the manufacturer of the product, as they can overcome the negative aspect and design a better product next time, so that it meets the exact consumer needs.

After generating customer reviews, it is the time to gather the customer views on how to improve the existing product further. For this company conducts paid surveys.

  • Every consumer, who gives the honest opinion on improving the product in the survey, will be paid in dollars. This survey is genuine attempt to bring some quality and standard in the product.
  • Keep in regular touch with the consumers and contacting them through social media will also help to generate newer ideas.
  • By advertising your company product links in the partner’s website can also help to generate more information. Customer might call you and talk to you directly about your further business. This helps to gain lot of inputs from customers.

Why customer Views and reviews are very Important:

  • Any negative customer may make complaints on your Blog, Twitter, or other social media sites or
  • Any bad comments on you tube channels. What will be the impact? It will be pathetic. It can go worse if not addressed.
  • Make a note: Even if, the customer gives a bad review or complaints, consider the complaints positively and address it. When the customer complaints are addressed, it is more likely to convert these consumers into loyal customers.

When a customer’s concern is addressed, it is more likely that the customer will go and address ten more people about the product. This is how promotion is done.

Last but not the least; try to exceed the consumer expectation. This is the Best way to ensure Long time Success.


Consumer Reviews and views are not only helpful for buyers but also for manufactures to design a better quality product. Give prime importance to consumer grievances. Complaints, Addressing, satisfaction holds a lot of weight age in today’s market strategy. It is not that difficult to gain a customer’s confidence .Just be Loyal to them.